One In A Row is founded on these convictions:

Our 4 P’s: Passion, Purpose, Patience, and Process will create positive impact

Passion: The process of identifying and delivering value to small businesses will be extraordinarily fulfilling and access to capital for small-medium businesses is key to growth and job creation. 

Purpose: We believe in the power of employee engagement and the connection to community. This venture will contribute to improving our community with a pre-selected percentage of principal return allocated to the cause.  We would not be in this position if it were not for the efforts of the generations before us who invested their time and resources.  We will support and help fund efforts that create a better community for generations to come.  

Patience: We believe in modeling extremely conservatively and creating a very disciplined approach of screening and selecting companies.  We will create culture of long-term value creation that will allow people to develop and grow. 

Process: We will add Operational Value.  Our reputation for executing on our commitments is what we will hang our hat on.  We will build deep levels of operational talent, train and develop people, and make a difference in team members’ lives.  

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Our Core Values


We believe God created us for a purpose and by walking closely with Him we can achieve it.  We are grateful for God's grace, His forgiveness, and we give Him the glory.


We maintain a high level of confidentiality to protect owners, their employees, and their customers.  We believe confidentiality encourages collaboration and transparency.


We earn trust by being honest, genuine, and doing what we said we would do.  We believe trust is the cornerstone to a healthy productive relationship.  


We seek to add value to those whom we work with and in turn we accomplish more together.  We believe teamwork includes looking after others before yourself and making those around you better. 


We believe each one of us has a duty to leave this world better than we received it.  We are loyal to each other and commit to being self-disciplined to put in the grind required to achieve above average results. 


We know our time on this earth is limited, so we apply ourselves in a passionate way towards our cause.  We bring excitement, joy, and energy to never give up the fight.